App Cloner Pro Apk Free Download

App Cloner
App Cloner Pro Apk Free Download

App Cloner Pro Apk Free Download

Make an extra copy of any app you want

App Cloner is an Android or IOS application that will allow you to make exact copies of any app on your tablet or smartphone. The only difference between the original and the copy is that the copy’s certificate will change this is an effect how some apps work. For example Youtube won’t run properly without the correct licensing and certificate.

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The process for cloning an app: it’s very easy. you can create any android app clone, double, multiple with App Cloner is fairly simple and intuitive. All you’ll need to do is choose the app that you want to clone, change its name (if you want a copy of Whatsapp, the copy will be name as Whatsapp 2) and the apps icon color so it’ll be easier to find.


With This App Cloner Pro Apk you can clone there are some of the tops app like Amazon Kindle, WhatsApp, eBay, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Skype, Tumblr, Twitter, and LINE. These are only just a few of the options out there for you to clone, but in general except for a few oddities you’ll be able to clone almost any game or app you want.

App Cloner is a handy application that is especially useful for users who have a number of accounts for a single app and want to be logged in on several at the same time. Thanks to it’s ease of use, you’ll be able to copy applications in a matter of seconds.




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